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  • The winner of YoYo Games SkyDiver II review competition has been announced. Member LifeSketcher has a 32GB iPod Touch and a $50 iTunes voucher to look forward to.
  • In the post on the YoYo Games blog Kirsty also promised that news about the next release (‘not Mini Madness‘?) and more information about publishing games will soon follow.
  • Game Maker creator Mark Overmars has responded on the YoYo Games blog to comments about YoYo’s publishing program, suggesting that YoYo Games’ involvement will include significant promotional work.

“One thing many people do not seem to understand is that publishing games on iPhone is only partially about creating a great game. It is primarily about marketing. You have to make your game visible. For this you need connections, well visited websites, a known brand, and a lot more. This is what you will get when you publish through YoYo Games. We already have most of this in place and will build it up further, hopefully with your help.”

-Mark Overmars, YoYo Games blog

  • The re-branded “Game Maker Community Game 2.0” will be “Theme Park” themed. A poll is currently under way to decide which sub-themes mini games submitted by contributors should follow.

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  1. Mark hits the nail on the head with that statement. If your game goes “viral” (in the sense that games do go viral), it doesn’t need to be a good game. People will pay $1-2 on a whim. Many of these sorts of games are more about selling quantity than quality.

    Kinda disappointed I only got an honorable mention in the review competition, though. The winning entry was lame.

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