Game Based Community Links and Game Maker Type Casting

  • Banov last week won his Indie Kombat match by default when his competitor, Andrew Brophy, failed to complete his game on time.
  • Vertigo Gaming plan to work on a “slower paced strategy/sim” game which they hope to publish on iPad through YoYo Games in 2011.
  • Writing in the comments on his personal blog Mike Dailly has said that YoYo Games hope to add “SOME auto TYPE casting” in future versions of Game Maker. The comments were made following a post in which Mike set out his own personal view on what he would like to do with Game Maker.

4 Replies to “Game Based Community Links and Game Maker Type Casting”

  • Auto type casting sounds great! Imagine the performance boost GM will get when a user enters an integer and it treats it like an integer instead of a double/float (whichever it uses now). There are so many integers used in my game. 🙂

    • I usually use integers instead of booleans anyway, sometimes I need to add a third option instead of true/false, so it’s easier if it were 1 and 0, because then I can just add a two instead of changing the variables that are used. 😛

  • Mmmmm… .NET integration would be so damn useful. Especially considering how lacking the existing DLL interface is in GM (that is, without GMAPI).

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