Jesse Venbrux on using Game Maker to develop for Apple Devices

Jesse Venbrux (playing Spider Solitaire!) at YoYo GamesJesse Venbrux has blogged about issues to consider when converting desktop based Game Maker games for use on Apple Devices.

Jesse recently spent two weeks at YoYo Games where he developed iPhone and iPad versions of his competition winning game They Need to be Fed.

He recommends using vector graphics as these can easily be scaled between the screen resolutions required for iPhone (480Ã-320 and 960Ã-640) and iPad (1024Ã-768).  Use of vector graphics is the reason for the superior graphics when compared to another of YoYo Games’ early releases, Andrew McCluskey’s Maddening.

Jesse wasn’t able to disclose sales statistics but speaking to Game Maker Blog he said “people shouldn’t expect to get rich (just yet). However for the average GM user it’s still a great deal of course and I expect things to keep improving for YoYo.”

He added, “It took me about 3 weeks full time to adapt They Need To Be Fed, but I’ve done a great deal of changes [though] I can’t think of much that isn’t covered by YoYo’s base line spec article.”

The article is well worth a read and covers topics such as the use of virtual on-screen keys for input and designing an illustrative icon for your game.

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