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Karoshi coming to iPhone and PSP

Jesse Venbrux is to have a second title published by YoYo Games next week. The Karoshi series will make an appearance on iOS next Wednesday at 59p/99c reports PocketGamer who also say a PSP mini release should be out by the end of the month.

Karoshi for iPhoneKaroshi iPhone Promo 2

The first game of Jesse’s to be published by the company, gravity platformer They Need To Be Fed, has been YoYo Games’ most successful paid App at iTunes.

Last month Jesse also released his Frozzd and You Probably Won’t Make It games on the Mac App Store independently of YoYo Games.

An Android version of the first title that YoYo Games published in October last year, SkyDiver Mach II, has been released today.  Whereas the iPhone and iPad versions sell for £0.59 the game costs double at £1.19 on Android.

The first tip about Karoshi on iOS was in GMTalk Episode 5 where Jesse Venbrux guested.  See also: Jesse on Game Maker iOS development

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  1. Nice to see YYG are still putting there name anywhere they can in every game in the effort to try to become ‘awesome’ publishers and get heaps of money, as that’s all they care about.

    How dare they change it to YoYo Corp! Greedy bastards.

    They’ve been neglecting the YoYoGames site for weeks now! Still plenty to fix!

  2. Costs on Android for us are much higher.

    We can’t use advertising because on Android advertising income is atrocious (less then one tenth of what we see on IOS) which rules out using ads to suppport the games.

    Also, for Android, we have to test on multiple handsets for much longer.

    Finally, despite testing there are too many variations of Android handsets and OS that cause issues we can’t anticipate and the way Google handles refunds it means we lose money when someone claims a refund. This means the cost of refunds are built into our price calculations.

  3. I hope YYG release Karoshi for the PSP in the US. I really, REALLY don’t want to miss out on a Karoshi game, and based on the screen shots, this isn’t just a simple port of one of the PC games.

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