Weekend Community Roundup: Mac App Store, TIGJam Oz

  • Jesse Venbrux’s Frozzd and You Probably Won’t Make It have been released on the Mac App Store at $1 a piece. On the first day the store was available both titles were in the top 20 paid apps.
  • GMVision and a media organisation calling themselves Game Polisher (who used to run a ‘radio’ show) are apparently planning their comebacks.  They now share another Game Maker news blog between them and Game Polisher wants to “continue the legacy left behind by GMIndie”…
  • I won't mention the ashes, whoops!James Rhodes and a friend are organising a TIGJam Oz Event in Lara, Australia. TIGJam describes itself “an environment of intense game creation” where participants meet up to work on new or existing game ideas. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at EventBrite.

What do you think?

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  1. Just to clarify, is it possible then to submit a Game Maker game directly to the Mac App Store without having to go through YoYo Games? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I couldn’t tell if the games mentioned above were made in Game Maker or not. I kind of assume they were since this is a Game Maker-centric blog, but I want to be sure.

  2. A constant complaint about the iPhone developers about the App Store has been the “race to the bottom”. Basically games especially shovel-ware crap is sold at 99 cents. This puts a lot of pressure on the better games to price themselves in a similar fashion.

    It appears the Mac App Store might suffer from the same fate.

  3. “the mac app store is aimed at casual (or useless) apps.”: No. The iOS App store is for casual/useless apps on the iPhone because people play with them whilst they wait for something.

    $1 is too low though – this is correct: “$3-5 actually sold slightly less but made a lot more”.

  4. On the PC/Mac, I think selling games for only $1 is a mistake. People are accustomed to, and willing to, pay more than that for computer games. Just take a look at Steam: how many $1 games do you see there? Not many.

    I’m not even convinced selling games for such a low price is a good idea on the iPhone, as I seem to recall reading somewhere that games priced at $3-5 actually sold slightly less but made a lot more. I can’t find that source now though, unfortunately.

    Of course, it partially depends on the length of the game, I suppose. I seem to recall Frozzd, at least, being pretty short. Are either of the games upgraded from the free PC version in any way?

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