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Following on from a introductory session to Game Maker at New York University which was held a couple of weeks ago Noah Sasso is holding a series of four 3-hour Game Maker workshop sessions aimed at beginners starting next Sunday in Brooklyn. They are priced at $295 with the registration deadline today.

Mike Dailly is continuing to make use of the Game Maker 8.1 discussion area at the Game Maker Community to poll member opinions on particular aspects of Game Maker.  Topics are addressed one at a time before being closed, currently issues covered include external editors, collections and the system registry.

In a press release GameSalad announce that their easy iPhone game creator has been downloaded 107,000 times and has been used to create more than 1,500 games which “account for more than 3% of all games sold on iTunes”.

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  • I really wish YYG would adopt the GameSalad policy. Charge me more for advance features, but let me port my game to iOS on my terms.

    • One in the hand is worth two in the bush. YYG is betting that these games (of which they are only capable of handling a few at a time) will make more than if they sold a bunch of copies of the hypothetical “Game Maker 8 Deluxe.” And to be honest, there’s no reason why they can’t have their cake and eat it too. Some developers might appreciate the level of exposure YYG could provide. Something most indies can’t do. Giving up a cut of the profits might be worth it when you don’t have to work as hard advertising. Meanwhile, some devs might want to just do their on thing. Everybody wins.

      The Game Creators just announced that they are working on “App Game Kit” which will allow you to program games using a language similar to their DarkBasicPro and uses the Box2D engine. The program could then be easily ported to Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more. It may not be D&D, but I only use GML anyway. Switching might be worth it in the long run.

      Here’s a link for more info:


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