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Grabeorama has had a brief look at some stats which show that the most popular game on the website, Crimelife 2, receives around 10,000 new plays a month and that 17% of all plays on the site have been of just the top 20 games.

Vertigo Gaming have added some discount game bundles to their store. You can pick up Game Maker creations Shellblast, Sandbox of God: Remastered, GreenTech Plus, The Oil Blue and Spirits of Metropolis for $15.

TheGameCreators are to launch App Game Kit which will deploy created games to a large number of platforms including devices running iOS, Android, MeeGo, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The website states that App Game Kit will be “free to try” but no details have been released of any pricing structure beyond that.

What do you think?

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  1. Well, when you figure that the vast majority of uploads are complete junk that probably only the creator and his friends will ever see, and that the top 20 are the top 20 precisely because they have the most plays, it makes sense that they’d have a sizable chunk of the total plays. What might be more interesting is to know how often the games in the top 20 change.

    All that said, though, a random games box on the front page, or some sort of YouTube style “Recommended for You” thing might be a nice addition.

  2. “The top 20 games have been played a total of 2.79 million times – that’s almost 17%”
    YoYo Games really should have a way of randomly showing all of their games. I’m using my own site to share my games now, because there is no point in having it on YoYo Games if no one else there will find your game.

    This product exports code to more platforms than the App Game Kit.

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