Creative Game Challenge 2011 Shortlist

Game Maker Creative Game Challenge 2011

A shortlist of 20 games has been drawn up for the 2011 Creative Game Challenge. Water was the theme for the second annual game development competition for Dutch high school students organised by Mark Overmars’ Utrecht University.

All games entered in to the competition were made using YoYo Games’ Game Maker software. With 113 teams submitting entries there was a lot of variety in both the types and quality of games that were entered.

9 prizes worth a total of €7,500 will be awarded at a ceremony on June 24th.

The shortlisted games are:

City of the Duce by Timon Knigge
  • The Way Of Water
  • City of the Duce: the Search for Water [right]
  • Water galaxy
  • Arctic War
  • Water Kingdom
  • Cpt Black
  • The Spirit of Water Aer
  • Shell seeker
  • New Life
  • Project-W
  • Sunrise
  • The Rescue Of The Elements
  • SubMare
  • The Last Drop
  • Helichrysum
  • Tsunami!
  • Aqua War
  • MicroWave Man
  • Descent
  • Joe Hopkins, search for more

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