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  • GameSalad, a Mac-only easy iPhone game creation tool, has added support for HTML5.  HTMLGrind, VentureBeat
  • We are yet to see a working example of a GameMaker created HTML5 game so can not be sure how its performance will compare with a PC, iOS or Android GameMaker game.  At the Scirra Forums some benchmarking tests have been run on Construct in which the performance of HTML5 run in Internet Explorer 9 was almost as good as the desktop equivalent.
  • Big investment in social gaming with rumours surrounding EA and Google

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  1. Actually, I half agree with Rex on this one. It WILL be significantly slower than the Delphi runner, because its Javascript, and it’s inside a browser. That said… I think you’ll all be pretty please when we do show what it’s capable of, particually when you code FOR the web, and not just try to run a normal windows app in a browser.

    We do get a big speed up due to the fact that we convert GML directly into Javascript. This means there is no interpreted code, it’s all Just In Time compiled, same way the engine is. The games we’re testing with are obviously desktop and iOS games, but we have started to write games/samples directly for the WEB. These will run MUCH better, and would obviously run EVEN better on a desktop via the delphi runner.

    basically… if you code for the lowest commond denominator, the rest will be just fine. This isn’t to say other versions would suffer, just look at PC games, they run on a host of different speed machines.

    However… what I will say is.. our engine currently appears to be significantly faster than GameSalads.

  2. Blue :The point is that YoYoGames can’t do anything to speed up the javascript code, but they CAN speed up the Delphi runner.

    That’s a good point. I mean, I am one of those people who want to see the new C++ runner, mostly just because I see room for improvement though, as opposed to having any big issues with the current runner.

    I guess what I wonder is if people realize just how slow javascript is compared to even delphi, and if they have unrealistic expectations for the upcoming HTML5 runner.

  3. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I think its funny how a lot of people out there complain about the speed of Game Maker’s current delphi runner, yet at the same time are really excited for HTML5. Don’t they realize that javascript (HTML5) is one of the slowest programming languages there is? Not to mention that- at least in my opinion- its a hacked-together mess with a lot of inconsistency from one browser to the next. Maybe in time HTML5 will mature to a point where its not quite so awful, but I think it has a ways to go.

    • Are they the same people, though? Besides, HTML5 delivery is entirely about accessibility. Speed is clearly a secondary matter here.

      It’s also worth pointing out that the HTML5 runner is a completely different animal than the Delphi one with a lot of effort going towards speeding up and streamlining the engine and interpreter. I haven’t seen any evidence that HTML5 runner is slower than the Delphi one. Fingers crossed, maybe I’ll get to find out for myself soon. 🙂

  4. The GameSalad HTML5 demo games are sort of awful, despite being somewhat slick looking.

    For starters, they’re almost all rip-offs of other games. Maybe that’s supposed to reassure me that X game is possible with GameSalad, but it just left a sour taste in my mouth.

    As for the technology, I don’t like the way they stream content as the game runs. I’ve read several complaints about them being generally laggy.

    I pray YoYo does a far better job of launching GM’s HTML5.

    • I agree with you about performance of GameSalad HTML5. There are very very slow games. The games that I’ve played in GameSalad site are the slowest I’ve ever played on the web.
      Hope GM HTML5 is a lot better.

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