GameMaker HTML5 Windows Beta “Anticipated” for September

In a post on their blog earlier today YoYo Games stated that they currently “anticipate” a beta release of GameMaker HTML5 in early September.  On Twitter yesterday Mark Overmars also revealed that initially the GameMaker HTML5 IDE will only be available on Windows.

You can request an invite for the GameMaker HTML5 beta here.

YoYo Games HTML5 GDC Promo
Java not your cup of coffee?

If any GameMaker Blog readers are heading to GDC please fill us in with the all the juicy YoYo Games details!

What do you think?

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  1. An important new GM product is about to be released… and all you guys can talk about is the logo? lol… seriously, at this point, who gives a crap? Get over it.

    Anybody going to GDC Europe this year? I see YYG is listed as an Exhibitor. Presumably they’ll say/display something about the upcoming GM HTML5. Exciting times for GM users.

  2. Rex :I don’t think its too bad. But I can easily forgive poor graphic design if it means they’re spending more time making the product itself better. I hope that’s the case.

    They have separate employees for working on “the product” and developing art or promotional pieces. It’s an ugly “5” on an ugly texture on an ugly cog xD

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