Sandy: GameMaker Sales Up 50%, Symbian Support, Total Rewrite Next Year

YoYo Games LogoYoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan has today revealed information about the future of Game Maker and sales and download statistics in an interview with PocketGamer and blog post on the YoYo Games website.

The articles revealed:

  • Unit sales of GameMaker 8.1 have increased 50% since the price jumped from $25 to $40
  • There are 1.5 million downloads of GameMaker a year
  • Symbian support will be present GameMaker Studio
  • GameMaker Studio will be released “later this year”
  • “In 2012 EVERY version of GameMaker will get a complete rewrite and many new features”
  • Published game releases are planned at a rate of “two per month”.
  • The GameMaker HTML5 beta will be launched “at the end of September”

Last night YoYo Games also published their latest title Pollushot by Greg Lobanov.  The game is currently available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android and costs £0.61/$0.99.

9 Replies to “Sandy: GameMaker Sales Up 50%, Symbian Support, Total Rewrite Next Year”

  • Philip forgot to mention on crucial thing, Sandy mentions in the post that, GameMaker: HTML5 and GameMaker: Studio will both be released this year.

    “We’re trying to extend the appeal of GameMaker to professional developers with GameMaker: HTML5 and GameMaker:Studio editions which will both be out in 2011.”

    I seriously didn’t think GameMaker: Studio would be released this year. I am EXTREMELY excited about this, and will be purchasing both for my project and soon as they are available!

  • Isn’t Symbian on the way out? I mean, when I type “symbian is” into google, the first auto-complete option that pops up is “dead”.

    • I thought that as well so was surprised that it was announced.

      According to Wikipedia Nokia are phasing it out in favour of Windows Phone 7 but the article then adds that they’ve signed a contract for Symbian Development work to continue until the end of 2016.

      Wonder if MS will actually get around to buying Nokia?

  • This is incredibly exciting, majorly the part about extending reach to the indies.
    I just hope this all ends up happening as they promise.

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