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YoYo Games & GameMaker:HTML5 – Reflexions, iOS5, Fast Platform Collisions and FAQ

Reflexions - iOS & AndroidThe latest game to be published by YoYo Games is Reflexions.

Described as a “Brilliant and beautiful neon puzzler” the game is currently available on iOS and Android for $1.99 or £1.49. This is about twice the price of previous GameMaker games released for mobile devices.

The game looks to be based on a couple of GameMaker games with the same name created by Juho Pohjonen several years ago.


iOS5 has been released for Apple devices and features vastly improved HTML5 performance. We’d previously heard great things from those within YoYo Games about the increased capabilities, now the real-world performance can be put to the test. has a nice video showing the speed improvement of HTML5 content rendering from iOS4 to 5.


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