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SzczecinGamesShow – GM stand from community

During last weekend there was game expo event in Szczecin (Poland), where guys from Polish community got their own stand. Promotion of GameMaker as game dev tool for programmers and non-programmers, presentation on stage for all visitors, games made in GameMaker playable on stand – that’s how it was looking. Mainly there was shown two games that are under development by Gear-Studio group: Alien Territory (online shooter) and Almora (RPG) which should be released next year. For visitors there was tournament every hour – for best frag score in Alien Territory there was special mug from Gear-Studio team with logo of their products. All promotional materials were made from GS own money, but stand, two 40” LED TVs and two PCs were sponsored (in total there was 6 PCs on stand for playing games, and Mac for presentation).

Next year the Polish Game Maker Community, GMCLAN, turns 10 years old, and it will be celebrated during SzczecinGamesShow, together with releasing Gear-Studio games. It’s probably the biggest non-official GM community.

At what was the third game expo in Szczecin, the GameMaker stand with Gear-Studio games and GameMaker presentations was visited by more than 20,000 people.

What do you think?

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  1. I didn’t added that there was one guy from Clickteam community and on scene he presented MMF2 (or other shit), also guys from Reality Pump came to show something about gamedev (also on scene), but on our stand there was shown only games made in GameMaker, mugs and banners were also only about GMCLAN and Gear-Studio games and that guy for third time didn’t prepared any game from his community that can be shown, so without our community, mugs and banners made from our own money, and our notebooks this stand will be completely empty without GMCLAN help.
    NightSky and Etherfields wasn’t shown on our stand, but on main scene only – and he knows that. Tomasz – if you don’t differ what scene looks like and how stand looks, search on wikipedia or something else cause it’s just nonsense and for third time you even don’t have prepared your presentation and you made it when all others went for beer.
    I’m glad that you know organisers and talked with them to have a stand an you were responsible for that stand, but what was shown there, and from what community there are two other things.
    I don’t understand your attack on me, man.

  2. Just to clarify some information here, as a main organizer of all 3 stands I feel obligated to do so.

    None of the stands was Game Maker Community stand. All of them were done under Game Developers Convention name (Zjazd Twórców Gier) which is All-Poland Game Dev meeting, which teams up people from all different communities and industries (Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion, Construct, RPG Maker, Demoscene, Programmers [C, Delphi, Python, Java], Companies, RPGs, Music, Education, Art).

    As a part of ZTG, there is Game Maker community with the strongest GM-Clan vortal, and like each year I ask them to help me out with the stand (as well as last year they were co-organizers of ZTG itself).

    So yes, most of the time we had GM-Titles played (Almora: Online and Aliens Territory) but at the same time, we had titles by other developers (Nicklas “Nifflas Nygren NightSky and Polish – Etherfields MMO). Also on our stand there was present a company Reality Pump – Creators of Two Words series, and at the same time on main stage we were presenting several talks – BlinkWorks Indie Game: The Movie, Gameducation, How to make games in Game Maker, how to make games in Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, History of independent gaming community around the world (with member of Polish Atari demoscene tdc – ) also I was quite a long of time in Josh Whelchel Songs for the Cure hoodie ( ).

    So saying that it was a GM-only stand is not a slight misconfusion guys. Also as I remember gnysek was writing that there was around 20k people on all 3 editions together, and not only on this one.

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