Game Maker 7 for Linux?

YoYo Games have released a screenshot of the GameMaker IDE and a GameMaker game running on the Fedora 15 distribution of Linux. This is a ported version of the three year old GameMaker 7, using the Game Maker for Mac Lazarus codebase rather than the latest 8.1 derivative.

GameMaker 7 for Linux (Raspberry Pi)

Writing on Twitter Russell Kay stated that YoYo Games are looking at the possibility of getting the GameMaker maker, or IDE, running on the $25 RaspberryPi computer which is soon to be placed on sale.

The latest version of GameMaker is currently only available for Windows.

What do you think?

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  1. Sigh, more dumb little random side projects that are probably diverting resources from Game Maker Studio. That’s okay. I figure by the time Studio eventually ships, I’ll likely have built up my C/C++ skills to the point where I won’t even care.

    • How is this a dumb little side project? They have someone who isn’t apart of the team that’s working on the actual runner working on porting the IDE to Linux. Assuming they did their engine correctly it’d just be a matter of updating a few files to support KDE/GNOME.

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