Free GameMaker:HTML5 for Global Game Jam 2012 Participants

Global Game Jam 2012

YoYo Games are sponsoring this years Global Game Jam, a worldwide 48-hour game creation contest based around a yet to be revealed theme.

Special coupon codes which give two months access to GameMaker: HTML5 are being distributed to Jam organisers so that participants can use the software for their game. Those who enter will also receive a future 50% discount of the (as yet unrevealed) price of GameMaker:Studio.

Global Game Jam claims to be the world’s largest game jam event and last year more than 1,500 games were submitted from entrants in 44 countries. The 2012 event takes place this coming weekend, starting Friday afternoon. To find a local participating site visit

Last year’s event was sponsored by rival easy game creation tool GameSalad.

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