Community Links: GM Version API, Indie(Radio), Signature Card Update

GameMaker Latest Version API – Ahead of starting work at YoYo Games Pitor Gnys has produced an API which can be used to easily extract information about the latest released versions of Game Maker. The API and documentation can be found here.

indie(Radio) Returns – “Season II” of the indie(Radio) “game development talk show” began yesterday. The episode was scheduled to include an interview with Vlambeer but is not currently available to replay.

RedChu’s YoYo Games signature card generator has been updated with some new designs. The dynamically generated images can be used to display real-time information about games hosted on YoYo Games.

Are Indie Bundles Bad For Gaming? – Not many GameMaker games make it to well-known indie gaming bundle deals but the number of bundle offers around has grown rapidly. Pixelsordeath asks whether such deals are good for their creators and the industry.

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