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GMC Faces Major Restructure

The Game Maker Community forums have been restructured in an effort to organize the website for better browsing. GMC administrator Chronic announced the change on the 17th of this month.

Tweaks so far include increased support for the discussion of non-Windows development. Subforums such as “Work In Progress” now bare three separate sections for Mac, Windows, and HTML5. This is a positive step towards the growing list of supported Game Maker platforms being better incorporated with the forum.

Three new subforums have also been introduced that focus on students using Game Maker, indicating YoYo may be wishing to further target university students and budding game developers in the coming years.

The most controverisal addition to the restructuring is the new “Off-topic” section. Some members are voicing concerns that the introduction of this subforum could dilute posting in other areas. It is generally believed that off-topic forums web-wide tend to distract veteran members from contributing to on-topic areas of websites.

Further changes to forum names and sections will continue to take place in what may be the biggest change to the website since YoYo Games took over management of the GMC. It is likely to remain a big talking point in the days to come.

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  1. It Seems good for game maker community that is also good that they provide three separate sections for Mac, Windows, and HTML 5.These are also good for they think for university students, I Happy to read about it.

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