Server Upgrade Completed

The blog has recently been moved to new hosting, and other changes related to the ownership transition have now been finalized. This led to some substantial inactivity over the past few weeks, however posting will resume as per usual in the coming days. The new server is faster, more reliable, and less limited than the previous one. We should be able to maintain greater uptime and the site should be more stable in general.

Limited data may have been lost during the process, such as comments that were made recently.

Please report any problems that you come across.

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One Comment

  1. Fantastic, looking forward to it. Hmm what a shame, now Win8 module is also extra cost for GMS just when we thought we get Windows with GMS. lol

    Keep up the good work TV.

    I’ll join you next here with my Boysano Indie Gaming adventure, but only part time.

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