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Grave Maker Officially Launches On Facebook

Despite being set for release earlier this year, Grave Maker by YoYo Games has now officially launched on Facebook, Android tablets, and web formats. While many online games sites are still powered by Flash games, Grave Maker has been developed using HTML5, a format that focuses on cross-compatibility across both desktop and mobile devices. HTML5 is gaining support online at a rapid pace, though relatively few high profile games have been developed with it so far.

Grave Maker by YoYo Games

Grave Maker is one of the more prominent GameMaker games to appear on Facebook, a platform which has not yet been utilized extensively by the GameMaker community. With the recent launch of Facebook’s App Center, casual gamers have become an appealing audience for game developers to target. Whether they are playing Angry Birds, playing Tetris, or playing slots games, casual gamers have become more engaged than ever, and their market stake is growing.

You can play Grave Maker on Facebook here.

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