GameMaker Affiliate Program Discontinued

Today the GameMaker Affiliate (GMA) program was officially closed. When I acquired this blog, Philip mentioned that the GMA network was not particularly well-built, and that it may contain security flaws. As I didn’t create it myself, I’m unable to improve or maintain the service for longer, and nor do I wish to if it poses a risk to the site as a whole.

While millions of legitimate banner impressions were served through GMA, the free service was also easily exploited. This created a requirement to moderate participating users, images, and links, which proved to be a time-consuming process. By discontinuing the GameMaker Affiliate program, I can focus more on sourcing news, and further improving the site’s stability and integrity.

If anyone would like to create their own affiliate service, I would encourage it. The program did help hundreds of GameMaker sites connect with each over several years, but unfortunately it can no longer be hosted at the Game Maker Blog.

What do you think?

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