How To Add Intelligent Code Completion To GameMaker Scripts

As of version 1.2.1214, GameMaker Studio can display your custom script arguments in IntelliSense. If not configured, GameMaker Studio’s editor will not display arguments for scripts while typing code.

To add intelligent code completion to scripts, simply add /// at the top of your script, then define the function name and arguments.


Do not use spaces between the script name and the leading parenthesis, or between arguments.

It takes just a few seconds to improve your scripts by adding intelligent code completion.

4 Replies to “How To Add Intelligent Code Completion To GameMaker Scripts”

  • To add: As of 1.2.1264, you may include spaces both between slashes and function name, as well as arguments, making
    /// cycle(value, min, max)
    a perfectly valid header, granting both intellisense and consistent spacing.

  • nice tip TV. just picked up studio for free a few months back when yoyo offered a free upgrade from gm 8.1. nice to learn these new subtle improvements.

  • These little tips are so useful, going through this process pretty much every day these days.
    Leaving /// and comments into code is one of the most useful things when you just know you aint going to finish something and don’t want to lose track the next time you work on something!

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