GameMaker Studio Standard Is Now Completely Free

GameMaker Studio Standard is now completely free. This version of the popular 2D game development engine previously cost $49.99 and removed various limitations on the trial version of GameMaker Studio. The previous limited trial version has now been retired. Recent promotions made GameMaker Studio Standard freely available for short periods of time, introducing thousands of new developers to the software. The success of these promotions likely influenced the decision to make GameMaker Studio Standard completely Read more…

GameMaker Studio Standard Edition Is Currently Free ($50 Value)

Update: GameMaker Studio Standard is now 100% free permanently, click here for more info ยป [highlight]The promotion below has ended[/highlight] GameMaker Studio version 1.2.1214 was just released, and with it comes an offer to upgrade to the Standard edition free of charge. Valued at $50, GameMaker Studio Standard is a significant improvement upon the free version of the software which imposes harsh restrictions on the resources that developers can make use of.