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on June 15, 2007 - 3553 Views

My experience of customer support at YoYoGames.

I initially contacted YoYoGames (YYG) via their helpdesk to ask about how I would go about offering a GameMaker Pro licence as a competition prize. After about 24 hours my message was accepted, I assume with manual approval, onto their helpdesk system and I was e-mailed details of my helpdesk account.

Two days later I received a message from a guy at YoYo informing me that their helpdesk had been playing up and asking if I had received his previous response. I replied to say I had not got the message, and today YYG have marked my ticket as solved.


I stress this is my experience, I am not suggesting everyone has the same perception of the levels of support they have received.

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7 Responses to Customer Support

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  3. Phil Gamble says:

    Perhaps it is because of the issue mine was about.

  4. Leif902 says:

    Odd, I have never had a problem. They have nearly always answered my questions within 48 hours.

    – Leif

  5. Phil Gamble says:

    At least they are accepting feedback via the satisfaction rating required to close a ticket. Needless to say I chose unsatisfied.

  6. Eyas says:

    Just submit another ticket, I guess.

  7. Eyas says:

    I’ve had a better experience, but still.. YoYo should be much more organized.

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