Game Maker TV back on track

on October 28, 2007 - 2751 Views

GMTV dead?

Despite all the delays along the way it looks like the first real episode will soon be available to watch. Several months late with lots of missed deadlines it is hardly likely to take the Game Maker world by storm but it’s nice to see that Danny has stuck at his idea despite all the negative comments he has received. Of course, we won’t know for certain until the first episode gets out, but I don’t think we should write off the show right now.

Here are some adverts which will apparently appear in the elusive first episode:



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8 Responses to Game Maker TV back on track

  1. Revel says:

    We got a domain (Not releasing yet, as the site is not complete). We have a custom flv player, so (sorry) you guys cant sneak into vimeo and watch our videos. As soon as im complete the site (We are getting rid of cutenews), Episode one will be out.

  2. Danny says:

    Eyas if you’d like advertising contact me at either my personal or MSN which are both: deggers01 [nospam]

    Dan Eggers

  3. tuntis says:

    Go get over you being called a “wussy filterer”, Benny boy.

  4. bendodge says:

    tuntis, you were banned for breaking the rules. Get over it.

  5. tuntis says:

    yeah i somehow guessed from his appearance, wussy filter

  6. gamez93 says:

    Incase any of you are wondering, the guy in the GM Tech advert is bendodge, from gmnews, he recently join the team.

  7. gamez93 says:

    @tuntis – Why do you always need to be rude, if you dont like something, why dont you think of a better way to say, i wont be surpised if you are a little boy that gets picked on at school or whatever, and takes his anger out on people over the net. Grow up! – I didn’t want to say anything to you, but I have had enough, and if you having something to say, say it like a normal person.

  8. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    Hmm.. how much do I pay you for a mean anti-competitive MarkUp ad.. I wonder 😀 hehe

    And Phil.. you have a ‘recordo-genic’ voice, seriously. If computing never works out for you in the future, then just record ads, trust me it’ll work 😀

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