TheGMRace Results

on December 27, 2007 - 2538 Views

TheGMRace is over, voting has closed. There were 186 votes and one clear winner…. who was it? Ahh well I don’t know, you will have to wait and see. The results will be announced in the next issues of MarkUp and GMTech.

I voted for The Meltdown, although perhaps it is too simple to get the number of votes needed to win. My prediction is that marble game Triton will win. That said the simple games are quite often the best.

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5 Responses to TheGMRace Results

  1. gamez93 says:

    Eyas – Just email the winner to me – – I need to no the name today.

  2. Phil Gamble says:

    You just missed him. Literally.

  3. gamez93 says:

    Yea its a great contest, I dont see why we dont do another one next year. I was part of running it and I still don’t know who has won yet, I will in a few hours though, and then there would be three of us keeping a big secret.

  4. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    I’m looking for you online, Kay.. I CANT KEEP THE SECRET ANY LONGER!!

  5. Robin Monks says:

    I know the outcome, but I can’t tell…. Wahhhhh! 🙁

    Seriously though, the Jan issues will have all the details, and this ends 3 months of amazing collaboration between MarkUp and GMTech; hopefully we can do it again sometime.

    See you all in the new year!


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