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on August 12, 2008 - 3872 Views

In the past few weeks a couple of new GameMaker magazine associated blogs have opened.

GMKing on openness:

In a post on the recently launched GMKing network blog Robin Monks, a co-editor of MarkUp, gives a brief insight into the decision making process behind the magazine.

Matthew from GameMaker Magazine:

The owner of GameMaker Magazine Matthew Haigh has launched his own blog on which he writes about his GameMaker projects and those of others. Like the magazine it could do with an extra proof read.

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11 Responses to Blog watch

  1. tuntis says:

    I’m using Firefox 3.0.1 (English, USA). PS. See the following picture:

  2. Phil Gamble says:

    Welcome to the Firefox dictionary forum.

  3. Robin Monks says:

    Plus, tuntis might be using a localized version, which might impact it as well.

  4. Revel says:

    When you capitalize Firefox it is not red because the capital probably makes Firefox spell check it as a name. Just regular firefox is underlined because you need to capitalize it.

  5. tuntis says:

    TGMG: It also doesn’t recognize the word “Firefox”. Quality software indeed.

  6. Mattthew_H says:

    Yeah, hilarious Broxter…/sarcasm
    And, I do use Firefox v3, thanks, also, it doesn’t appear to be a spelling mistake on my version either. Might just be a slight glitch with your version.

  7. Robin Monks says:

    Weird, it shows Firefox as fine for me 🙂 You using v3?


  8. Broxter says:

    Haha, that post above must have taken Matt a lot of effort to get his spelling and grammar correct :D.

  9. TGMG says:

    use the firefox dictionary so that you can get your spelling and grammar correct, it auto underlines words that are misspelled in red. Just right click and select correct spelling 😉

  10. Mattthew_H says:

    The new blog by some of the GMKing/Markup staff looks pretty good and is quite informative towards the magazine, too.

    And yes, I had a feeling that there would be a few problems with spelling, grammar and alike.


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