GMWeekly issue 2

on August 22, 2008 - 2338 Views

One week after the launch of his first issue, Darren Poole has released the second of his GameMaker Weekly pdf magazine – on time and on schedule.

As well as community news the short newsletter style publication also features a review of puzzle game Elimod + Dagros.

Download GMWeekly issue 2 (left click).

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2 Responses to GMWeekly issue 2

  1. Phil Gamble says:

    No :P, not unless it contains something particually interesting – but I considered the second issue newsworthy considering all the negative feedback given after the first issue came out, and the very rapid release dates that Darren claimed.

  2. Timoi says:

    There’s pretty much nothing in it that I didn’t already know, but I can see it’s use to other people.

    btw, if it manages to keep on releasing weekly issues, you’re not going to announce every single one are you?

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