YYG Wiki still changing…

on October 9, 2008 - 2510 Views

As GameMaker Blog suggested a week ago it appears that YoYo Games are preparing their wiki for a merger with gmpedia.org.

All adverts on the YoYo Games wiki have been removed and its contents have been licensed thorough a Creative Commons License, which fits in with the GMKing ethos.

…we want the new Wiki to become the most complete source of information about designing and developing games with Game Maker. To this end we will be making a number of important changes to the Wiki over the coming weeks.
– Mark Overmars

It will be interesting to see the extent of these ‘important changes’. Importing the gmpedia content would give the wiki 600 new articles, but it sounds like something else might also be on the horizon – hopefully a new design…

Update: Since this article was originally posted, gmking have confirmed that GMPedia will be merging with the YoYo Games wiki.

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  2. GMking.org Blog » Blog Archive » The Future of GMpedia says:

    […] several GMpedia SysOps were spotted on the SysOp list of the YoYo Games wiki. GameMaker Blog also noted that some changes occurring in the YoYo Games wiki are very possibly related to such GMpedia-YoYo Games […]

  3. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    Indeed, it is related 🙂

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