Simulation GM Issue 2 Released

on March 11, 2009 - 3921 Views

simulator-gm-cover-2Issue two of Simulation-GM has been released.

In the magazine CompanionCube reveals that Hardcoregamer creator of the Prodigy Game Magazine [latest issue] asked if the two publications could merge.  Simulation declined.

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6 Responses to Simulation GM Issue 2 Released

  1. ProdigyGM says:

    My point is that no man is an island. It is best to get help then drive drunk.-

  2. @Tom Russell
    Welcome back Tom 🙂

    An I agree there is no arrogance in going solo. It is better to work hard alone to create a good quality product – like RQ – than with others if it lacks professionalism and is rushed – like multiple GM mag failures.

  3. Tom Russell says:

    There’s no arrogance in going solo. Far less arrogance, at any rate, than churning out error-laden unproofread self-aggrandizing twaddle and complaining because it hasn’t been recognized as a singular work of staggering awesomeness.

    To achieve merit, you must do work that is worthy of merit.

  4. CompanionCube says:

    I’m not stressed, I’m having a great time 😛

  5. Hardcoregamer says:

    IF we merged, we will not be as stressed. Notice how soo many went under due to the arrogance of going solo. We will prevail! Yes we can! I am not a team, we are.

  6. Tom Russell says:

    I honestly never thought I’d ever say this, but re: that proposed merger, I must say “rotfl”.

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