PM spam to decline at GMC?

on April 25, 2009 - 17121 Views

Spam via Personal Messages (PMs) has long been an irritant at the GMC as after creating an account there was previously no limit on the number of PMs a user could send. Hence usernames could be harvested en mass and messages touting the value of brand name trainer replicas, anatomy enlargement products and 3-member hastily created forums could quickly be sent to large numbers of forum members.

No longer! Chronic has announced that a flood control limit has been placed on sending PMs. “Currently the flood control is set to 1 minute, this may increase if needed.

Whilst I have not received any PM spam recently I welcome this change.

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2 Responses to PM spam to decline at GMC?

  1. alex_pof says:

    Great idea. i have been getting alot more spam recently so this is great news. Although, talking to all those people who only want to be in a relationship and nothing more is pretty entertaining.

  2. Sam says:

    I agree; good move on the part of the GMC Staff.

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