Please tell me GMKing hasn’t done this

on May 11, 2009 - 6513 Views

The once mighty appears to have fallen [gmc topic has been deleted, screenshot below].  Has GMKing the team behind the YoYo Games wiki, GMCast and MarkUp really been reduced to collbarating with gap-to?

Click to view full sized screenshot

Click to view full sized screenshot

Apparently not.  Robin wasn’t aware of this post until I asked him.

“Good Lord have mercy.   

I feel the need to shoot someone.

 I offered to host them

 /me won’t be show running”

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25 Responses to Please tell me GMKing hasn’t done this

  1. […] idea for the station run by Jonathan Martin, GMVision’s Joshua Pedroza and former GMCast host […]

  2. Danny says:

    Considering you have no idea what actually happened. It posted twice and I edited it asking for Phil to delete (since there is not delete option)

  3. Jonathan Martin says:

    Wow, My GMC post is really something to talk about, or Phil’s WMP is.

  4. Eyas says:


  5. Broxter says:

    Eyas must have trouble understanding these situations. He has obviously never dealt with Caniac before. 😀

  6. Danny says:

    Everyone is clearly joking. Lets not me Mr. Literal.

  7. Caniac says:


    why didn’t you edit your post, mr. “now there’s no excuse for tripple posting”?
    lets not me?
    what does that mean?

    confused about what? :p.

  8. Broxter says:

    Hey, we’re not the GMC, though. What’s wrong with a bit of good ol’ off topicness? 🙂

  9. Eyas says:

    I am confused.

  10. Caniac says:

    Yeah. I agree.

    what are people talking about?
    Phil can do what he wants online, it’s his buisness.

    apon yet another look at the screenshot, I still see nothing wrong with it.
    I often times listen to music using windows media player too.

  11. Danny says:

    These posts are incredibly off topic.

  12. Jonathan Martin says:

    So, Phil’s not allowed to have WMP open anymore?

  13. @msr @Caniac @Broxter
    I shall have to remember to crop future screenshots to reduce speculation as to what I do online…

  14. Broxter says:

    Now we all know what Phil does online…

  15. Caniac says:

    umm, what?
    he was on twitter, facebook, the gmc, a few other sites, talking to robin (obviously about this) downloading somthing, looking/drawing a picture. I think he was even 7zipping somthing.


  16. msr says:

    Hehe :D. See you forgot to obscure the porno you had open at the bottom.

  17. Jonathan Martin says:

    Sam :A radio show… because a podcast isn’t difficult enough.

    Radios are probably a lot more easier than Podcast, well they are for me.

  18. Broxter says:

    tuntis :That’s a lot of tabs.

    Phil’s a busy man. 🙂

  19. Jonathan Martin says:

    This is NOT part of GMKing,
    Robin is doing it out of GMKing.

    Wow, Stuff spreads very quickly!

  20. tuntis says:

    That’s a lot of tabs.

  21. Caniac says:

    Robin may not have been aware of the post, but he was aware of the concept and approved it. I am not sure if he meant the project to be part of GMKing or not, but he was just as interested as we were.

  22. Danny says:

    Very mature staff at the GMVision, I believe they also had claimed to at one point have merged with GMTV, according to their wiki:

    “…We also did not like being partenered to so many different projects that we had very little control over, and so we left, and have created our own site, and services.”

  23. Sam says:

    A radio show… because a podcast isn’t difficult enough.

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