Mark Overmars Game Maker Competition

on June 21, 2009 - 10410 Views

The University of Utrecht (where Mark Overmars is a professor) is planning to hold a Creative Game Challenge for games made using versions 7 or 8 of Game Maker (version 8 should appear in Autumn 2009).

Intended for students in ‘Voortgezet onderwijs’ (age group 13 to 17/18) the theme of the competition will be ‘animals’ and prizes will be awarded for the most popular game chosen by the public and also by a Jury.  Full details can be found on the Creative Game Challenge website in Dutch (English translation).

Workshops will be provided by Utrecht University for competing students and those who enter the competition will receive a free registration for the duration of the competition.

You can sign up for the competition from November 2009.  We will let you know when entry opens.

Thanks to Simon Donkers for providing details of the competition.

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13 Responses to Mark Overmars Game Maker Competition

  1. […] theme has changed slightly from our June post from ‘animals’ to ‘beasts’. “It is a competition for all students in […]

  2. Mraven says:

    @Philip Gamble
    Mistake! “well I’m an English Lang. pro” . It should be “well I’m NOT an English Lang. pro”…

  3. Mraven says:

    @Philip Gamble
    …I’m still confuse. Does that means only “students in ‘Voortgezet onderwijs’ (age group 13 to 17/18)” can participate? Not all around the world.. but.. well I’m an English Lang. pro so… I confused with the sentences)@#%*$@(#%__$$$(@#$(????????????

  4. @Mraven As it says in the article here the contest is “Intended for students in ‘Voortgezet onderwijs’ (age group 13 to 17/18)”.

  5. Mraven says:

    @Philip Gamble ”…Everyone in the year of student participation is a school for secondary education can participate…” I copied this from the game rules website and… I think only this “student participation is a school for secondary education” can participate?

  6. @Mraven What does a school have to do with a competition that hasn’t even opened for registration yet?

  7. Mraven says:

    Some of my friends says that a 16-years old non-school boy (quited the school or something) can’t participate. Is it true?

  8. Revel says:

    Can we enter games that are in english?

  9. NessXX says:

    With a freind. =D

  10. NessXX says:

    I will maybe join.

  11. Orm says:

    So no love for 6.1 users? =( </3

  12. Iemand01 says:

    I’ve all ready a team 🙂

  13. Jasper says:

    AWESOME! it’s even more awesome then!

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