GameJolt Contest Results

on June 25, 2009 - 2758 Views

The results of the first GameJolt contest have been announced.  A total of about 30 games were entered and the majority of entries and all three winners developed in Game Maker.  There were however a number of entries made using Construct.

The three winning games earn their creators a place in the beta of GameJolt’s ad-revenue share system.

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  1. […] with their previous contest entrants are not confined to using the Game Maker development platform.  The theme, which has obviously had some thought put […]

  2. LarsonCreativity says:

    Because something like that should still concern/interest the readers of the blog, and should not be overlooked. I’m pretty sure while supporting Game Maker, Phil also wants to make sure he is not being biased.

  3. Giorgio says:

    A win for Game Maker too! Congrats to the winners.

    (Just a question about something that is unclear in my mind. Why a “GAME MAKER” blog – which is supposed to support GM and motivate the readers who don’t already use it, to use it – support something else[Construct] for game development, by saying also that is better?)

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