YoYo Games set to reveal Monetization plans for Game Developers

on July 13, 2009 - 3917 Views

Hopefully it won't be Monopoly Money

Hopefully it won't be Monopoly Money

It looks like we can expect some exciting announcements from YoYo Games in the near future.

“The C++ Runner was not written to make GM faster, but to make it possible to write games on the PC (or Mac) and then run them on OTHER DEVICES. More on that quite soon.

We crave ACCESSIBILITY…giving you (…) the chance to PLAY, MAKE and SHARE games. I have a strong feeling that the “MAKE” part can also mean the best developers can MAKE MONEY from 2D games..more coming soon”
YYG blog (today)

When asked about YoYo’s aims for the future at the end of last year Sandy suggested that some of the best games uploaded could be sold and a few months later hinted at an advertising revenue share model.

“Our ultimate goal is to publish the best of the games that get uploaded to the site. We will of course only do that with the permission of the developer of the game. If we achieve our goals, then the most
successful developers could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars…maybe even more. We’re working hard behind the scenes on making this a reality, but it takes time and money to make this happen and we don’t (sadly) have unlimited resources. The first people to earn money (we’ll share our revenues with the developers of course) will be doing so before the end of 2009, maybe sooner.”
GMTech issue 14 (Dec 2008)

So far no details of YoYo’s current proposals have been released.

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8 Responses to YoYo Games set to reveal Monetization plans for Game Developers

  1. […] mentioned the possiblity of game makers being able to earn revenue from their game by implementing in game ads, now they’ve moved into mobile distribution perhaps we will later see support for in game […]

  2. magma24 says:

    I there are already games on yoyo games that are worth selling, these games should be the first ones to sell!
    Not to mention the amount of money that could be earned.
    If this happens game maker games could be the next nintendo games!

  3. sbeast64 says:

    Sounds like a good idea! I think this will also encourage game makers to raise the standard of their games as they will now also be motivated by the potential to earn money for their efforts.

  4. Elmernite says:

    Nice! Looking forward to it!

  5. Jasper says:

    Wowz that’s really nice

  6. Bugaham says:

    Maybe there was truth in the Game Maker PSP then…

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