Game Maker Tech 17 (September) Released – ArcMagi Exclusive

on September 1, 2009 - 6234 Views

ArcMagi - The best looking Game Maker game?

The seventeenth issue of the only quality Game Maker magazine currently in production has been released.   The September edition sees GMTech equal GMWeekly‘s record for the largest number of releases by a single magazine.

Download now | Direct pdf link (5.6MB)

The main feature is an exclusive insight into the development of ArcMagi the follow up to Thomas Grochowiak’s Magi which is a prime example of a commercially successful Game Maker game.  Included are an interview with Thomas (TeeGee), a look at recording sounds for the game and the evolution of the GUI through the development process.  High quality reproductions of the incredibly detailed in-game graphics are also included.

Also included are articles on sequels, morality in games and the depiction of women in games.  The usual game reviews and Hidden Gems sections are present along with a look at the development of Innoquous 3 and interviews with some of the leaders of the Game Maker Community Game.

These high quality exclusives just keep coming.   This magazine can not be allowed to go the way of so many others.

Previous issues: 16 (June 2009) thatgamecompany interview, 15 (March 2009) Mark Overmars letter

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10 Responses to Game Maker Tech 17 (September) Released – ArcMagi Exclusive

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  2. Xantheil says:

    Ouch, I wanted to make sure I wrote for the last issue. Any official topic? Or reason?

  3. Xantheil says:

    Umm, what happened to GMTech? Did it stop?

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  5. […] worth paying $3.30 an issue for.  Essentially I judged the quality to be below that of GMTech which is available free.  It is also considerably shorter – excluding the cover, contents […]

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  7. hidden object games online says:

    Agreed totally. Really nice work from GMTech! Keep up guys~

  8. Caniac says:

    Very nice, another great job done my the GMTech team. But I agree, they must not be allowed to die out!

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