GMLive Game Maker Radio to launch next Saturday

GMLive, an online Game Maker focused radio station that aims to provide a mixture of Game Maker news, music and live talk radio, is to launch next Saturday (October 10th) at 11am Eastern Time (5pm UK).

The idea for the station run by Jonathan Martin, GMVision’s Joshua Pedroza and former GMCast host Robin Monks was first mooted in May this year.

“A post will be made a few days before each live show announcing the topic list, so that people can prepare comments or a list of things to say if they call into the show. You can go ahead and add “GameMakerLive” to your skype buddy list, so you can call in to the show. There will also be a live Chat room for each show on the site.”
– GMLive

After incredibly irregular releases of a pre-recorded podcast I am amazed that this idea got off the ground but it seems to have been in the planning stages for a long time.

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