7 Things to do while the GMC is down

on October 3, 2009

So bored you have time to look for alt text

Shock horror the end of Civilization is nigh!

Yes the Game Maker Community has gone back to the old days of IPS Driver errors.  Instead of being a temporary problem that users would occasionally have the misfortune to experience the site is currently rendered useless with topics unviewable.

Should you be unable to part yourself from the world of Game Maker (how have you managed the past 12 hours?) here are some Game Maker related things to fill your time.

Post your favourite Game Maker mini games and time-fillers below.

Image credit: Fire Wall by Flickr.com user cnynfreelancer released under a CreativeCommons license.


  1. Caniac says:

    Nice post Phil, but I don’t remember having IPS driver errors before. It was that too many people logged on and the server was overloaded.


  2. Before your time at the GMC maybe.

  3. Caniac says:

    @Philip Gamble
    maybe add watch GMVision or GMTV? :P

  4. How about watch the last episode of GMVision?

  5. Broxter says:

    Thanks for suggesting my game, Phil. No one will ever beat my ridiculously gargantuan score. :P

  6. Dr. Watz0n says:

    Ah… the old days of IPS Driver errors. Oh how I hated the text box filled with MySQL errors.

  7. Brad says:

    @Dr. Watz0n
    Haha, I forgot about those! They were quite annoying…

    Is Sandy aware that the GMC isn’t working again?

  8. Caniac says:

    I just tweeted to him. (I thought I already had)

  9. ev149 says:

    I’ve notified him via Twitter, not sure whether he’s been on there lately, though…

  10. MackaN says:

    Bored? i play jumper two :)

  11. whaddsoft says:

    AVG Says “vex.exe” is a virus.

  12. James Rhodes says:

    You could have suggested for people to check out RoketGames ^_^

  13. Chaz says:

    GMC isn’t working.
    And I beat your score.
    And I won the contest banner.
    And I’m lying.
    And I’m sad.

  14. F1ak3r says:

    For next time:

    * Work on one of your games.
    * Join another Internet community.
    * Go outside.

  15. F1ak3r :
    * Go outside.

    Wondered how long it would be until someone said that :P

  16. Broxter says:

    Or play console games. On the PS3.

  17. Or crawl into a small corner in a big room and shoot your self?

  18. Another idea. Browse google’s archive of cached pagina’s from yoyogames like this onde: :)

    @bas bloem:
    yeah, of course. Secure your card from your mummie first XD

  19. Chronic says:

    Phil, I think you’ve discovered a way to get ideas for things.

  20. @Chronic
    Yes I think we’ve got enough now.

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