GMLive – Second Show Topics

on October 23, 2009 - 8700 Views

GMLive’s second live Game Maker radio discussion takes place this Saturday at 11am EDT (4pm BST in the UK, 5pm Western Europe).

Hosting will be Joshua Pedroza and Robin Monks with guests including Dan Eggers (from Game Maker TV) and a representative for the Game Maker Community Game.

Topics up for discussion include the absence of Softwrap protection from Game Maker 8’s upgrade process, improvements to and Rocket Games’ commercial game sale scheme.  Apparently there is also news on “YoYos ever-deepening financial hole”. Interesting.

Listen again and read our review of episode 1.

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7 Responses to GMLive – Second Show Topics

  1. NAL says:

    After the last episode I’ll certainly be listening/calling this time round.

  2. Hey, I’ll also be there but mainly running shows the user input. Also Phil and ‘Tamper’ will be moderating chat (Tamper can’t do the whole show).

  3. James Rhodes says:

    I don’t think going overtime is really that much of an issue. It’s much better to go over than go under. 😛

  4. Broxter says:

    @Philip Gamble
    I meant he’d have more control over the time usage (and wastage); I’m sure he won’t let it drag on like the first episode.

    So you’re the official Chat Moderator? 😀

  5. @Broxter I know it’s not what you meant but your post seems to imply that Robin has nothing to say!

    Am looking forward to the second show (will be moderating the chat) sounds like there may be some interesting discussions.

  6. Broxter says:

    Let’s see if this can one can better the last. With Robin, I’m sure they won’t be going for over an hour this time. 🙂

  7. Caniac says:

    I am glad users are so excited about our broadcast tomorrow, we will do our best to make it go smooth and be very enjoyable.

    PS: the more people, the more opinions, and the more time it takes per subject 😉

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