Game Maker 8: Second Release Candidate

on November 16, 2009 - 17374 Views

Update: The full version of Game Maker 8 has been released.

Game Maker 8 (Release Candidate 2) IDE

Game Maker 8 (Release Candidate 2) IDE

A second Game Maker 8 release candidate has been made available for testing by YoYo Games. As of yet there has not been an official announcement that this is available but it can be downloaded here (5.5MB .exe).

It is now less certain that Game Maker 8 will appear in 2009 as Mark has stated that RC2 expires “at the end of December 2009”. Although of course there is nothing to stop YoYo Games releasing the full version before then.

“A second release candidate of Game Maker 8.0 is now available for testing. It will expire at the end of December 2009.

Please only report bugs, no suggestions or wishes. We will only correct the most serious ones.

Note that a serious bug still exists in the Export/Import mechanism. Help in finding out more about this bug, would be highly appreciated.

Note that all previous bug reports up till number 1056 have been handled. Due to an error in the Mantis system it is though currently not possible to officially resolve them and add comments. Please do not update these old reports but make new ones when appropriate.”


Executables created with GM8 RC2 use this iconThere is a no sign of the new Game Maker logo in this latest test version of the software.  However executable files created with this version of Game Maker use, by default, an updated version of the red ball icon.

Games created or saved in this version of Game Maker will also stop functioning at the end of December 2009.

Bug fixes:

  • “Going to the previous or next subimages in the image editor now works correctly.
  • In the sprite editor, when applying an effect to a subimage, it remains selected.
  • When creating or adding a sprite from a strip a second time no longer a bug occurs.
  • Solved bug when reading negative numbers from a text file.
  • Solved a bug in finding the previous value in a map data structure when the provided key is larger than all the keys in the map.
  • When saving a game as executable or to test, when an include file cannot be located, an error is given and the game is not saved or run.
  • In the mask form, modifying the bounding box with the mouse now correctly labels the sprite and game as changed.”

Upgrading Info:

“The easiest way is to purchase the upgrade online. To this end press the button Purchase Registration. You will be brought to a webpage were you can make you payment either by credit card or through PayPal. Once you made the payment a registration key will be shown on the website and will be emailed to you. You need to store this registration key carefully as you will need it again if you e.g. need to reinstall the software.

Once you purchased a registration key or got the registration key in a different (legal) way, press the button Enter Registration Key. You are asked to type in the registration key you obtained. Best use Copy and Paste. Note that the key only consists of digits (and the dash sign). After you typed in the key correctly Game Maker will be upgraded to the Pro Edition. Note that you must have an Internet connection for the key to be activated automatically. If it is not activated within 15 days Game Maker will revert back to the Lite Edition.

If you want to pay for your registation [sic] key in a different way, or if you want to order a registration key to give as a present or use on a different machine, press the button Go to Pro Webpage. Here you find instructions. Also you find information about ordering site licenses and about discounts. Moreover you find the answers to many questions related to upgrading.”

-GM8 RC2 help file

Update: The full version of Game Maker 8 has been released.

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33 Responses to Game Maker 8: Second Release Candidate

  1. sanjeev says:


  2. GM says:

    if you bought pro addition for GM 7 will you still have it or will you need to buy it again?

  3. @Xalrons444
    Nobody knows, when you start up RC2 it clearly states “This release candidate is not compatible with the first beta and it is not guaranteed to be compatible with the final release of this version.”

  4. Xalrons444 says:

    Sorry for double posting but could one export all the resources of their game made with GM8RC2 and then import them to GM8 thus recovering their game, or does not work like that?

  5. Xalrons444 says:

    I have created a game using the candidate release. Does this mean that I will lose the entire thing?

  6. […] today the second release candidate was taken offline and the bugtracker closed. The YoYo Games website has also recently been updated […]

  7. G}{(()sT says:

    is the link broken to the new rc2? cant download at all, i keep on getting a website not found error :'(

  8. flash09 says:

    Will Game Maker 8 have an Activation limit like the GM 7 ?
    (I wasn’t able to reactivate it after the 3rd Activation 🙁 )

  9. jr says:

    any word about iphone port?

  10. mr glasses says:

    I like the new code editor. Soemtimes it gets confusing because constants and functions are colored the same…but I like the real time syntax checker, it’s really handy for those of us who are lazy with the syntax check button. Also, I’m happy that hteyreleased RC 2 because that alows me to do more testing of code that would only work in pro. (see episode of GMlive) I’m also very excited about the new image editor. It’s nto the editor itself, it’s the full alpah channel support. Basically it suports anythign that .png supports and .png is my favorite format. (because of it’s small size good range of colors and it’s extensive alpha channel)

  11. Jim Corbett says:

    @Philip Gamble Thanks for that Philip, I’ll give it a go tonight.

  12. Keysle says:

    We might as well write a paper about how Construct is better than C++.

  13. Jim says:

    Thanks Philip. That’s a bummer. I’ve been out of touch with Game Maker since moving over to the Apple Mac, those functions would have been very useful and would have sorted out my game.

    Do you know anyone who may have the file?

  14. @Jim This can already been done. I know this wont be very helpful but did recolor sprites based on a users colour selection (sadly the download link no longer works).

  15. Jim says:

    Does anyone know if there will be built in functionality to change the colour of a sprite within the scripting language. My Soccer game stalled due to the lack of functionality to change the team player sprites within the code. I used a function downloaded from the net for this but it was slow and added to the game load time.

  16. Mattthew_H says:

    I think GM needs to move more to a Vista look, instead of it’s current XP-ish one. Or even a custom one.

  17. Broxter says:

    No new GUI, then? :'(

  18. » Blog Archive » GMLive: Discussion Topics (11-21) says:

    […] Game Maker 8 RC2 […]

  19. pickledineen says:

    Well it took quite a while for yoyogames to release the second one…
    especially because of the low amount of changes….still better.

  20. NAL says:

    It’s gonna take me a while to adjust to the new coding colour format (I know you can edit them in GM’s properties but I’d rather get used to a new style), but I like what I’m seeing so far, having only seen the first beta version before.

    The icon is probably a placeholder for a default icon more suited to the new logo, with it just being a cleaned-up version of GM7’s.

  21. Duffymoon says:

    Yes it is the same icon. It is also the icon that was used for GM7. But no need to comment about it since we all know that they want a new icon for the official release of GM8.

  22. gnysek says:

    The same icon was in RC1.

  23. Jack Hatfield says:

    perhaps as a Christmas gift?

  24. correct, I will rephrase the post

  25. NakedPaulToast says:

    The RC expiring at the end of December 2009, is not evidence that the official version won’t be released by then.

  26. Yes posted a short fact post and then expanded it afterwards in order to get the story up quicker.

  27. Caniac says:

    for some reason this post just got a lot longer 😛

    I am very happy to see yoyo progressing steadily with GM, and I hope that it gets better in the future.

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