Game Maker strong in 2BeeGames contest

on November 17, 2009 - 2927 Views

All four Game Maker games in the final of the 2BeeGames contest (total prize fund $15,000) have made it past the first elimination stage.  The three finalists that received the smallest number of votes in a public poll were removed from the running and the same will happen in the next round.

Currently Vertigo Games’s Kablooey! is leading the second round with 26% of the vote with Akiisoft’s Tower of Heaven, featured in this recent GMVision video, in third place.

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6 Responses to Game Maker strong in 2BeeGames contest

  1. […] second round of voting at 2BeeGames ends at midnight tonight (EST).  Currently 3 of the 4 Game Maker games in the final would drop out with only Kablooey making it through to the next round. 2BeeGames […]

  2. hidden object games online says:

    Nicely done Kablooey, my vote goes there.

  3. Tailware says:

    Just vote for Cochon’s Pursuit by Edouard Mercure and everyone wins!

  4. NAL says:

    Kablooey! has my support. ToH BSoDs me whenever I open the rulebook so it tends not to get my support. 😛

  5. I voted for Tower of Heaven…truly hope it wins!

  6. Caniac says:

    I am very much torn between all the GM Games so I am most likely not going to vote at all, because I would feel bad for the others 😛
    I am however, very happy that they are doing well.

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