On Downtime

on December 7, 2009 - 5350 Views

Yesterday the official Game Maker Community was offline for at least 12 hours with a 503 error.

Now that the forum is back online the reason for the downtime has been revealed – the servers php version was being upgraded from 4 to 5 ahead of an upgrade of the Invision Power Board (IPB) software used to run the forums.

Version 5 of php was first released July 2004 and IPB 3.0 was released in June this year.

IPB 2.3.x forum themes (“skins”) are incompatible with, and will require a rewrite to run on, versions higher than 3. That said the current GMC design is just a few modifications of a default skin.  This would be a good opportunity to integrate whatever the final Game Maker 8 logo is into the design.

In other news the elite invite-only Game Maker Community eocommunity.co.uk has been offline for several days.

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13 Responses to On Downtime

  1. I think the personal conversation topics would be useful also, at least for team projects.

  2. NAL says:

    Of the two major changes True Valhalla mentioned I’m only really interested in the Reputation system, though I get the feeling this won’t be enabled for GMC since it’d just be adding to the moderators’ workload.

  3. tuntis says:

    When the GMC updated to a newer version of IPB the last time, they disabled a lot of the “social” functionality anyway (like adding friends, etc.)

  4. I checked out GMKing…can’t say I noticed any major differences =(

    I looked up the official site…the only major changes that appeal to me are:

    Reputation system:
    Posts can now be rated, earning the author reputation points which can be highlighted with titles and badges.

    Personal Conversations:
    Users can now create private topics, accessible only to themselves and anyone else they choose to invite.

    I just hope the mods enable both. But as I was browsing the site, one product they have (seperate from IPB) is a blog, and I suddenly considered how awesome to have a blog funtion built into the GMC. I think it would be really interesting.


  5. scoz says:

    Whether or not EO is active it is still a repository of very high quality GM games. Anyway, they did recently see the launch of Srehpog’s Umbrella Adventure (even though I believe it’s hosted off site). I’ve been told it’s just a hitch in the renewal of their hosting, so hopefully it’s not anything permanent.

  6. @NAL

    Haha, indeed I did 😀

    The IPB upgrade comes after the PHP upgrade, correct?

  7. Jonathan Martin says:

    @James Rhodes

    I later read the whole topic on the GMC. Can’t wait for the upgrade.
    Any one who wants to try it out, the GMKing forum has V3.

  8. NAL says:

    “(Not sure how picky you are about spelling mistakes)

    eo has been rather quite lately…I’d nearly consider them dead.”

    You spelt “quiet” wrong. 😛

    On topic – was the update a significant one? I presume it was, since it’s a new release number altogether, but if not I guess I could understand them being half a decade too slow.

  9. James Rhodes says:

    @Jonathan Martin: The forums weren’t upgraded to IPB3. The only upgrade was PHP.

  10. Eh, they don’t annoy me considering the overall quality…Someone always seems to pick them up =)

  11. Jonathan Martin says:

    I havn’t noticed any differant, and i’ve used IPB 3 before.

  12. @True Valhalla
    Was rather rushed this morning. Made a couple of corrections.

  13. (Not sure how picky you are about spelling mistakes)

    eo has been rather quite lately…I’d nearly consider them dead.

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