GMLive – Sixth Show Topics

on December 13, 2009 - 2407 Views

The sixth GMLive show will air on Saturday December 19, 2009. The upcoming show will be focusing mainly on a single member who has recently gained popularity thanks to his recent games such as madnessMADNESSmadness. NAL will also be online participating in an interview after the show takes a look at some of his popular games.

As usual, GMLive is also going to be covering the hot news topics that have been going on lately:

YYGs Competition 05 upgrade
GMB Christmas Wish List ’09
New and Improved GM Logo

The show will begin at 11:00 AM Eastern Time on Saturday December 19, 2009.

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2 Responses to GMLive – Sixth Show Topics

  1. Broxter says:

    It’s gonna be NALtastic…

  2. Mysour says:

    That’s terrible, I’m working during that. Aw…

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