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YYG Website Upgrade to Launch Monday/Competition 05

Sandy has recently posted news about the YoYo Games website upgrade that will be upgrading Rails to version 2.3 (The main software running the website). It was announced that the upgrade will happen on Monday next week and will allow the site to run smoother with fewer outages. Extensive testing has already been taking place, however a bug reporting web page will be available for anyone to submit any newly discovered bugs after the launch.

When we launched YoYo Games in April 2007 Rails was still fairly new, despite this it functioned pretty much as promised and the site has worked reasonably well until now. Still, we have had too many outages and performance has been poor when the site is loaded, especially at weekends.

After many lines of what seemed to be Sandy referencing to the various posts about him using improper punctuation, competition 5 was mentioned. Sandy stated that Competition 05 will be announced along with a Game Maker 8 release schedule if the website upgrades go smoothly.

If all works well I will go ahead and announce Competition 5 and update you on Game Maker 8 release schedule next week …so thanks, in anticipation of your continued support !!

What do you think?

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  1. “Also, GM8 will only be released this year if they stick with Softwrap. Otherwise, release will be in 2010.”

    Complete made up crap.

    The fact that it is likely to come true, still doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s complete made up crap.

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