GMB Design Contest Winner

on February 12, 2010 - 6028 Views

Three weeks ago we launched our competition to design a favicon and new Twitter avatar to represent the site.

There were approximately 10 entries submitted.  Some were based on our existing grey theme and avatar whereas others used totally new concepts.

Although the winning designs are similar to what we previously had they are definitely an improvement and don’t require a dramatic redesign of the website (something which will not be happening soon) if implemented.

Here are the winning images created by Matt Scorah.  Matt gets to choose from a copy of Game Maker 8 Pro, an Indie game of his choice or advertising on this blog for his prize.

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17 Responses to GMB Design Contest Winner

  1. Loaf says:

    Thats pretty nice. Maybe a bit too dark though.

  2. Frederick says:

    Looks great!

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  4. scoz says:

    My brand new copy of GM8 is now up and running. Thanks again everyone! 😀

  5. Derme says:

    Very Nice! Much better!

  6. scoz says:

    Cheers guys! Thanks to Phil for running the contest too!

  7. Nessxx says:

    Nice logo!

  8. Very nice. 🙂

    IndieGames Blog has a favicon with a red star in, no?

  9. xot says:

    Not bad, not bad at all. I had an entry I didn’t submit but I like this one too. The favicon is very readable which is the number one thing for me. Congrats, Matt!

    Ditto was Andrew said. Now to get on TIGRadio’s and IndieGames’ respective cases.

  10. Love it. One favicon closer to having a bookmarks bar free of the need to label things. Congrats, Matt!

  11. Maybe it was a good idea not to post all the entries… 😛

  12. Not what I would have done, but better results than previous logo design contests I’ve been involved with… 😉

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