YoYo Games Comp06 at End of April / GM4Mac Update

on April 14, 2010 - 2734 Views

Earlier today YoYo Games posted three glog entries covering different subjects.

One was on the subject of the fifth competition, in which CEO Sandy Duncan expressed pleasedness at the number of entrants (over 500 in total) and the standard of many of the entries. He also expressed an aim for the company to finish judging before the end of April, and that the new chief technical officer of the PSP division, Russell Kay, will be one of the members of the judging team. As well as this, he also noted that Competition 06 will be announced and started, also before the end of April. If this is the case it will be the quickest time between two consecutive competitions and certainly a relief considering the time of nearly a year between the fourth and the fifth.

Another mentioned GM4Mac, specifically that there is now a release candidate version for the ported program on the specific subdomain for it. I do not have a Mac so cannot report back on the quality of the program, nor can I verify if it remains a ported version of Game Maker 7 or if they’re including 8’s new features in it.

The final glog entry was simply an update on the Helpdesk, which has a history for either being very prompt on its replies or very, very slow.

The three glog entries, though each covering separate subjects, were fairly short, suggesting it was done to clear the homepage of the older latest entry, written over a month ago.

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9 Responses to YoYo Games Comp06 at End of April / GM4Mac Update

  1. Frederick says:

    You should fix the number of entries in your post. Yoyogames service these days is as accurate as their counting. There are 472 entries in competition 5.

  2. Frederick says:

    They’re making progress. That’s good.

  3. I no longer trust Sandy’s time estimation on competitions. By ‘the end of April’ probably means April next year ;D

  4. NakedPaulToast says:

    What’s wrong with ‘pleasedness’?

    I just had a few minutes to try out the GM4Mac, it is much improved, and still appears to be a GM7 port.

    No GM8-like additions, and no ability to load GMKs that have been saved in GM8(Win).

  5. RC says:

    I may enter the new competition, though I say this for every one of them and never do. It’s coming earlier than I expected though.

  6. Roan Contreras says:

    Oh man, competition06 will come early…
    Bah, I’ll continue making games for my whole summer vacation haha XD

  7. NAL should have said ‘his pleasure’ instead of ‘pleasedness’. It’s such a horrible word.

  8. Sondar says:

    Yes I noticed that there were blog posts on the frontpage that had been there for months, but hopefully this will improve as Sandy has said.

    Also, pleasedness – I didn’t know that was word until now!

  9. turboRamble says:

    Hopefully I can make Competition06 🙂

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