GMIndie Plan 250-page Game Maker eBook

on April 20, 2010 - 8781 Views

GMIndie are working on an ambitious project to create a series of Game Maker eBooks – the first which will provide an introduction to the software scheduled for release in July 2010.

The idea for a comprehensive tutorial series reminds me of Carl Gustafsson’s Beginners Guide to Game Maker Programming, a long unofficial introduction to Game Maker, which I came across shortly after discovering the tool. The download links no longer work thanks to the demise of (actually can’t believe that the site has closed they didn’t even host files – just a tracking script!) but it was downloaded many tens of thousands of times in different formats and a HTML version can still be found here.

First Steps starts the reader at the very beginning, from the moment they download Game Maker! By the end of the book, you’ll know your work area much better, know how to create a solid game engine, know DnD, know basic GML and know how to polish your game properly. GMIndie even threw in some tips on how to distribute your games.” – Brian Fetcher

If you are interested in getting involved with GMIndie details can be found here.

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36 Responses to GMIndie Plan 250-page Game Maker eBook

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  2. Matt Haigh (Mattthew_H) says:

    I’d rather 3 pages of professionally written, high-quality articles than 250 pages of crap.

  3. Broxter says:

    It doesn’t look any good, either.

  4. So a vote for the chance of it actually being ‘quality’? No hands? Aw.

  5. Frederick says:

    I agree with Caniac. Quality over quantity is very important.

    Judging by the preview video, I think they are using plenty of content… O_O But, there was that one page that had half of the page taken up by a single image. That needs to be fixed.

    @bigjobsboard as long as they don’t over do it.

  6. bigjobsboard says:

    Wow. This is brilliant. However, isn’t 250-pages a little surprising. usually, people will be bored reading all these words. But if the ebook is full of pictures and comprehensive illustrations. 250 PAGES won;t have any issue.

  7. Caniac says:

    I think they need to focus on Quality Over Quantity. They had better not cheap out and fill pages up with full page screenshots just to say that they have 250 pages.

  8. Frederick says:

    Yes. And I was replying to him. Sorry, I thought I had put @Broxter in there.

  9. Frederick says:

    I know GMIndie’s does not live up to them. They aren’t my favorite either… But I still don’t believe any Game Maker magazine has had a perfect article.

    • Caniac says:

      Did you read Jack Brockley’s comment?

      Frederick :Actually, in my opinion, no Game Maker media has ever published a genuinely good article. Not one.
      They could all use improvements… O_O

  10. Frederick says:

    That is because your standards for genuine are very low.


  11. I’ve read plenty of genuinely good GM articles, out of genuinely good GM magazines.

    And yes, as above.

  12. Frederick says:

    Actually, in my opinion, no Game Maker media has ever published a genuinely good article. Not one.

    They could all use improvements… O_O

  13. Show me a single article they published with genuinely ‘good’ content.

  14. Frederick says:

    I think you’re more interested in eye appealing than you are in content…

    Oh, and this is just for you Andrew… O_O

  15. I do believe questioning the quality of the writing is related to the book.

    Frederick :Are you saying they can’t improve?

    You know, I’d put money on “That’s correct”. I’m sorry, but after watching that terrible string of “””magazine””” releases, I’m convinced there is no hope.

  16. I continue to find it amusing how the comment section of any GMIndie-related product ends up with certain people against Frederick and a few more O_Os than anyone on Earth really needs. Out of ten comments on a blog entry about a Game Maker book, only two are actually directly related to the book…

  17. Frederick says:

    Are you saying they can’t improve?

  18. Frederick says:

    I don’t get where you’re going with this…

  19. Frederick says:

    I’m helping write part of the last chapter… O_O

    Caniac, The quality? Or the fact that they are promoting a screen recording website?

  20. Caniac says:

    Jack Brockley :The apostrophe was redundant…

    Along with both of these comments 😛

  21. It’s a good idea, but the lack of decent writers around the GM community dampens my attitude towards these sorts of projects.

  22. Caniac says:

    wow, what a sorry preview video. Get a better screen recorder people.

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