Game Maker Modern Warfare 2D is a Hit

on May 9, 2010 - 6132 Views

A game based on the popular Call of Duty series has been quickly climbing up the ‘most played’ list on YoYo Games. The game, titled Modern Warfare 2D, is a two-dimensional take on the sixth instalment in the Call of Duty series.

Although it was uploaded just 2 months ago the game has already reached 25th place on the list of all time most played games with over 40,000 plays tracked.  It has also been featured on a large number of non-Game Maker gaming websites.

I got in touch with the Australian creator of the game, Callum Foot, and asked him about his games success.

“I didn’t use any special promotion techniques, but I think the fact that Modern Warfare 2D was featured on Pixel Prospector helped a great deal – the game is scheduled to be released on the cover disk of Xbox 360 magazine in the UK so I might have to make some promotional cover art.

I think the name definitely contributes to the amount of plays because the real game is extremely popular at the moment which lead to the game being picked up by sites like Pixel Prospector.

With a different name I don’t think the game would have been so successful, but I did base it on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 from the beginning to end so the name wasn’t a last minute decision.

Top 25 most popular yoyogames in two months? I think that’s awesome!  (is this some kind of record?) I do think thats pretty cool, but shouldn’t it be featured or something? Meh, I don’t mind!

I am working on creating an online version of the game and extending the campaign.”

-Callum Foot

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8 Responses to Game Maker Modern Warfare 2D is a Hit

  1. MT says:

    I saw it featured on Kotaku Australia a while back (videogame blog)

  2. Of course it’s Australian Made 😀

    Watched the trailer…not just a clone, but a decent clone — guaranteed success! Nicely played either way.

  3. Bas says:

    I had random deaths and the collision is messed up

  4. Sondar says:

    That should be ‘non-Game Maker’. Great post though, I played this game awhile ago and really enjoyed it. The game play isn’t particularly innovative or interesting but the art is pretty good.

  5. GameMakerAddict says:

    Very Nice. The gameplay is very simple. I recognized some of the missions, and the AI is very nice. Longer and more mission would make this game #1.

  6. Frederick says:

    It looks alright… I like the variety of gameplays. It’s not only platformed. Some of it is even top down! O_O

  7. Clavus says:

    Don’t always need to make a high-quality game to be popular. Sometimes it’s just a matter of how you promote it.

    Like name it a remake of the best-selling game of the past decade.

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