€10,000 Creative Game Challenge Winners

on June 27, 2010 - 4881 Views

The winners of the €10,000 Creative Game Challenge have been announced.

The competition was organised by Mark Overmars’ University of Utrecht and was open to individuals or teams of students in Dutch secondary level education.

In total 67 games were entered with 11 being awarded prizes in both general and specialised categories such as ‘best design’, ‘most humorous game’ and ‘most original game’ by the 5 member jury.

The game creation contest had a theme of beasts but talk on the Dutch Game Maker Community is that some of the games entered did not properly fit this theme.

The best placed game was the top-down view Forest Lord (download .zip) in which you walk through a maze in a forest solving puzzles and eradicating enemies and freeing animals.

Games are written in a mixture of English and Dutch.  A full list of prize winning games can be found on the CGC website (in Dutch).

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7 Responses to €10,000 Creative Game Challenge Winners

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  3. Manyquestions says:

    Ok, good, I’m not the only one who thought that was sub-par.

  4. Bugaham Games says:

    That game was pretty much a rip off of the maze tutorial thing. And some of the sprites were ripped from various games.. The gameplay is also very.. Boring. That’s kind of sad, the other games must have been terrible. But I guess with his new money this guy can get game design books, and improve his games.

  5. Loaf says:

    That was the best game? >_<

  6. Legacy says:

    I’m pretty sure most of those graphics in the screenshot are Pokemon. :/

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