GMC Moderator Retires, Packt to Resume Cooking, Apple App Store to Open Up

on September 13, 2010 - 5270 Views

  • Frostblade has retired from holding a moderator’s position at the official Game Maker Community. He joins a growing list of forum volunteers who have stepped down from their positions.
  • Packt Publishing appear to be looking to re-start their ill-fated Game Maker Cookbook project. The previous attempt was only half-baked before the author left the kitchen. If I was more sure about the Cookbook idea being what people want I would consider putting myself forward.

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12 Responses to GMC Moderator Retires, Packt to Resume Cooking, Apple App Store to Open Up

  1. […] on the book restarted in September last year after an earlier attempt to create a book with the same title had been abandoned mid-way by a […]

  2. Jane CVS Resumes says:

    So people can finally make Apple apps without using the apple software? I wonder what that will do to the approval process… how many potential apps will be declined from the app store simply because they weren’t made using the apple software?

  3. Daniel Lawrence says:

    Mordi :I see the author is male. He is excused.

    Begging your pardon, but what is that supposed to mean?
    I am (or was) the author, and I’m seriously thinking about getting back into the book, at least in a supporting role if they have found another author.

  4. If the terms opened just a little more, a YoYoGames Store App (given an iGameMaker was made) might be possible. But, at this rate it seems like it’d have to be self published per game. The “no downloading code” is the real killer in this situation.

    • xot says:

      Right. YoYo Games Instant Play will never appear on an iPhone, but Game Maker games potentially could with just a few changes to the runner. Eliminating execute_string, dynamic objects, dynamic timelines, room_set_code, and anything else capable of accepting code isn’t ideal, but it wouldn’t affect the vast majority of games.

  5. Gmfreaky says:

    iTunes App Store already exists? You mean a flash app store…

    • The headline of the article is “Apple opens App Store to programs written in Adobe Flash — and more”. I think this together with the quote included in the article above makes it sufficiently clear? They no longer require apps to be written using their own tools.

  6. Mordi says:

    I see the author is male. He is excused.

  7. Joshua Brookover says:

    At this rate, we’ll run out of moderators.

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