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Competition 6 Judging Delayed? Not so transparent.

Transparent Laptop and PSP

YoYo Games promised that the judging process for their sixth Game Maker competition would be “more transparent” however since the announcement of a contest status dashboard 12 days ago nothing has been heard.

In a post on September 1st Russell Kay wrote “We will be judging round 1 this week, where we will be looking at the entries that will move forward to the next round and we will be updating the information and the application as we proceed.

Two weeks later there is no visible sign that judging has even begun (though a couple of people at YoYo have confirmed it has) with none of the 275 entered games being marked as ‘reviewed’ or appearing in Round 1 in the dashboard.

Where is the promised transparency?

Photo: Transparent screen 4 by Andrew Magill (cc)

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    • As the amount of work I’m having to do at the moment is fairly limited and unimmediate, I was playing all released-at-the-time entries before the deadline actually took place. This way, I only had to worry about the close-to-the-deadline, and the updated, entries after September 1st. The others have been very busy with other duties (and still are) so they couldn’t do this and are having to play the games when it’s viable for them to do so.

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